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Friday, 27 May 2011

2 Killed in Drive-by Shooting on Detroit's East Side

Early morning gunfire rang out Thursday on Park Grove Street near Reno on Detroit's east side. Two men in their early twenties were fatally shot in a drive-by shooting.

"It was kind of sad because there was no one around. Once they got shot, no one came to check them out. There (were) no friends. There's no one around to see how they were, if they were still living or anything. They just sped off and that was it," Charleszetta Sturkey told FOX 2's Bill Gallagher.

Neighbors said at least one of the victims grew up in the neighborhood and moved away, but frequently returned to visit a vacant home.

"I think it had been maybe raided a couple of times or so, and it was boarded up for a while," Sturkey said.

Gallagher asked her if that was because of drug activity.

"I think so," she replied.

Visitors to the home have been known to have conflicts.

"They just couldn't seem to get along. Last weekend (there) was a lot of (arguing) going on back and forth," Sturkey explained. "I … never (thought) it would escalate to the point that it did last night."

Another neighbor, who did not want to be identified, agonized over the violent deaths of the young victims.

"This is … very, very heartbreaking. They can find so much else to do with their lives," she said.

"Just pray for the families … and the people in this neighborhood that we could recover from this and still feel safe being around here because we have children who live on the street," said Sturkey.




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