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Sunday, 2 December 2007

The Brocock ME38 Magnum air pistol

Police have seized Israeli-made Uzi sub-machineguns and American Ingram micro- machineguns as well as AK45 assault rifles and a vast range of pistols. The present favourite is said to be the Walther PPK automatic, as used by James Bond.

There has also been a brisk trade in the underworld in reactivating guns that have been deactivated for collectors, or the alteration of high-powered air weapons such as the Brocock. The Brocock ME38 Magnum air pistol can be bought legally for about £120 and illegally converted for just £70. Real guns can be bought for little more than £100, depending on their condition.

The rise of crack cocaine sold by Jamaican-based Yardie gangsters who routinely carry guns added to the rise in gun use and what police now call “black on black killings”.

The gun, police say, has become an essential possession for young black men emulating Yardies. A spat on a dance floor can quickly lead to a killing by a gunman who feels that he has been denied “respect”.



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