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Sunday, 9 May 2010

POST BAG Enough is enough

POST BAG Enough is enough: "Saturday night's shootings and the death of two police officers is additional proof of the fact that the UDD is nothing more than a street gang. Drive-by shootings are tactics used by drug gangs in the United States and now it seems that the UDD has borrowed a page from that playbook. They even wear street colours (red shirts) like their role models in America.
Saturday night's incidents are also evidence that the so-called ''leaders'' of the red shirts have lost control over the more radical and criminal elements of their membership. If they were moral men they would end their protest before this lack of control results in the loss of more innocent lives. However, they continue to demonstrate that they are content to be members of a sycophantic entourage for an absent man, who is also as morally bankrupt as they are."



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