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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Britain's ruthless child gangsters trained to mutilate at seven

Britain's ruthless child gangsters trained to mutilate at seven: "'A gun is easier to get than a mobile phone,' Regan quoted a community worker in Birmingham as having told him.

Regan quotes the chairman of a police advisory body as saying, 'We'd have had a lot more deaths on our streets if it wasn't for the fact that the youngsters firing the guns are such poor shots.'

While shootings remain comparatively rare, police report a 500 percent increase in youngsters taking some form of weapon to school. Some children also wear bullet-proof vests under their school uniform for fear of retaliatory attacks.

The children are methodically taught to stab their target repeatedly in the backside so that he/she would be scarred for life and need a colostomy bag. They are also taught to aim at the arms to cause distress that is not fatal.

Bizarre gang initiation rituals include raping someone before being deemed fit to join."



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