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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Man in his late teens or early twenties was shot in the face a few minutes before seven tonight on the east side of the Garfield Community Center

Man in his late teens or early twenties was shot in the face a few minutes before seven tonight on the east side of the Garfield Community Center at 23rd & Cherry. Seattle Police Spokeswoman Renee Witt said that a group of men were hanging out in the area when they were approached by a second group. An argument ensued, and a member of the second group pulled out a gun and shot the victim. The victim then entered the community center where he collapsed. He was treated for a while at the scene before being taken to Harborview, where he was last reported to be in critical condition.Witnesses reported seeing 4 teen-aged suspects running through the playfield to the south. A K9 unit was brought in but could not establish a track on the suspects. Police detained two of the victim's friends for questioning, but they escaped through a window before that could happen. No further description of the suspects was available from official sources.The victim was fairly well known among kids in the community. We believe he lives with his family just a few blocks north of where he was shot. I spoke to Saviour Knowledge at the scene who said he knew the victim and had actually spoken to him just earlier in the day. I can also say that we were familiar with the victim's name from listening to the scanner, but we don't have any detailed information to put that in a specific context. (ed. note: We got the right first name, wrong last name at the scene last night. Seattle Times reports today that Harborview identified him as Donnie P. Cheatham)Thirteen-Fifteen-year-old Quincy Coleman was shot and killed on Halloween just across the playfield from this event. We also heard that members of one of the two parties were wearing some sort of t-shirts memorializing Quincy. However, police couldn't say whether this was a retaliation shooting or otherwise a part of the recent cycle of gang violence.



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