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Thursday, 18 December 2008

hop-in on Ross Clark Circle was robbed at gun point.

The criminals need to be aware that if you are doing an armed robbery, there may be a sheriff's deputy breathing down your neck by the time you come out of the store," says Sheriff Andy Hughes, Houston Co. Sheriff's Office.Criminals: consider that your warning.The Houston County Sheriff's Office is stepping up its efforts to take down crime in the Wiregrass.In one night, catching four suspected criminals on the scene of three separate crimes, shows this sheriff's office won't take it easy."It's always better to catch them on the scene than to have to do the investigation and rely on other physical evidence,"In less than two hours, at least one car was broken into on Cornell Avenue, Efurd's near Cowarts was burglarized and this hop-in on Ross Clark Circle was robbed at gun point."These are your common thugs. They are people that don't want to work. They want to do crime for a living,"Deputies credit the on-scene arrests to increased patrols and scattered stakeouts.Their quick response has some people in the Wiregrass community taking notice."We as small business people it's kindly scary out here. We realize crime is up. It's just a wonderful thing we have a Sheriff's Office that responds the way they do," says Bobby Efurd, Efurd’s Grocery."I feel like the Houston County Sheriff's Office is doing a fine job. They really are on the ball and we're really glad to have them," says Tony Todd.Sheriff Hughes says you can expect more of who he calls "common thugs" to be arrested until Houston County’s streets are clean.Police arrested Kameron Siler for unlawful breaking and entering a motor vehicle. There may be other charges coming.Both Keith Shedrick Pullin and Tullis Jerome Griffin was arrested for first degree robbery.
Roderick Marshall was arrested on-scene for burglarizing Efurd's Grocery near Cowarts.Meanwhile, two suspects are still on the loose.Deputies are looking for Kendrick Bryant and another person driving the get-away vehicle



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