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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Police arrest drive-by shooting suspect

Police have arrested a man suspected of seriously injuring a Gold Hill man in a drive-by shooting on Beall Lane in Central Point last November. Known gang member and sex offender Gabriel Perez, 21, was arrested at a residence along the 3000 block of Shelterwood Circle in Medford at 4:30 p.m. Thursday. Medford police had come to the residence on an unrelated case when they saw Perez jump out of a window and take off running. Police caught up with him and arrested him.  Suspects in shooting may have performed gang ritualAnother drive-by suspect is soughtOne dead after shooting, crashNeighborhood rattled by outburst of violence Perez is lodged in the Jackson County Jail without bail on a parole violation for sexual assault, unrelated to the shooting and subsequent high-speed car chase that killed another man in November. Charges related to the shooting are under review by the Jackson County District Attorney's Office. The shooting happened at 4 a.m. Nov. 1. Erik Lee Dorey, then 22, and Jennifer Knutson, then 19, were sitting in an Izuzu Rodeo near the corner of Beall Lane and Circle Wood Drive. A car, allegedly driven by 19-year-old Trevor Carbajal, of Dinuba, Calif., pulled up in a 2004 Chevy. Perez is suspected to have fired several gunshots from the Chevy, which shattered the Rodeo's windows. One bullet hit Dorey in the mouth, and Knutson sustained minor injuries. Police later saw the Chevy run a red light and pursued it from Highway 99 up to the 8200 block of Old Stage Road, where the car crashed. Passenger Gustavo Santiago, 16, was ejected from the vehicle and killed. Carbajal and 19-year-old Francisco Campos were rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Perez fled from the scene and was able to seek medical treatment at Three Rivers Community Hospital in Grants Pass under a different name before fleeing again. Carbajal and Campos have been indicted on attempted aggravated murder and attempted murder charges, among others.



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