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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Man jailed for drug addict murder

A man who murdered a drug addict in west London over a £50 robbery and then had trial witnesses threatened has been jailed for life. Anthony Small, 32, used a sub machine gun to shoot Anthony Dickson in Hayes on Christmas Eve, 2010. Two weeks earlier Mr Dickson, 33, had been so desperate for drugs that he stole the crack cocaine from Satwant Virdee. Virdee worked as a runner for Small and fellow dealer Max Feliciano, who would not let the robbery go unavenged. At the Old Bailey Small was jailed for life for murder and told he will serve a minimum of 34 years. Feliciano was sentenced to 14 years for manslaughter, and a further three years for smuggling drugs into prison. Judge John Bevan QC told Small: "This was a planned execution over a paltry £50 robbery and a few wraps of Class A. I suspect that you regarded the victim as disrespecting you, combined with a lack of self-control and a total lack of proportion for what he had done. "What entitles you as a drug dealer to administer a death sentence in addition to the misery you inflict on other drug addicts is beyond me." Feliciano and Small arranged to meet Mr Dickson near a park in Hayes, where Small, from Harlesden, north west London, shot him twice at close range with a sub machine gun. In the run-up to his trial for the murder at the Old Bailey last year, Small had two prosecution witnesses threatened and tried to intimidate his ex-girlfriend into giving him a false alibi. Nevertheless he was convicted of murder in November, while Feliciano, 27, from Hayes, was found guilty of manslaughter earlier this month. Judge Bevan told Feliciano, who started taking heroin at the age of 13 and drug dealing at 16: "You are intelligent, street-wise and in my judgment entirely lacking in scruples. You have chosen to follow your own selfish ends and ignore any responsibility for your partner and three children." Feliciano was found in his cell at Belmarsh prison with 57 wraps of heroin, totalling just over six grams.



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