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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Los Zetas is depleted, after the capture of four of its top leaders and the dismantling of about 40 cells in that organization in the state of Veracruz

 Los Zetas is depleted, after the capture of four of its top leaders and the dismantling of about 40 cells in that organization in the state of Veracruz in less than four months, officials in this port said. 

It is said most of the Zetas are hiding and are not operating, so there is clearly a drop in kidnappings, "levantones" and derecho de pizo or cuota charges in Veracruz and Boca del Rio, mainly. 

Military sources also believed that Los Zetas do not have enough people so their operations and finances are being depleted. 

But officials warn a reinforcement of assassins may come from Tabasco, Chiapas and Oaxaca. 

The dismantling of various cells of the criminal group, it was mainly due to the arrest of leaders and local police commanders who assure safety  to the Zetas. 

Sense August the Navy has arrested at least 30 members of various local corporations. 

In July, seven police officers were arrested Tuxpan by the Navy, and presumed to be involved in the death of a sailor. Among them was a second in command. 

A month later in Veracruz, the arrest of Francisco Bautista Carballo, "The Shark" and two of his accomplices, weakened the actions carried out by Los Zetas in the port and Boca del Rio in kidnapping and collecting derecho de pizo or cuotas. 

Another cell was dismantled on August 14, when the Navy arrested five members of the cartel involved in the death of four sailors in retaliation for the Navy operating in the state. 

In September, six Intermunicipal police officers from Veracruz-Boca del Rio were arrested for carrying out murders and kidnappings for Los Zetas. 

In addition, 74 members of this criminal group were also arrested, among them Karim Muñoz Castillo, the plaza boss from Tuxpan. 

At the end of the month Angel Manuel Mora, "Commander Devil," was arrested after a clash in Las Brisas, in the port of Veracruz. 

Mora served as an alleged chief hitmen in the urban area of ​​Veracruz-Boca del Rio, as well as the alleged person in charge to assure the safety of that criminal group in Ciudad Mendoza, Veracruz route. 

On Thursday, the Navy arrested 12 alleged members of the criminal organization Los Zetas, including the alleged new leader in Veracruz. 

In recent days, federal forces have killed seven suspected members of Los Zetas who have attacked military convoys. 

In the port of Veracruz, the patrols of the Army, Navy and state police are frequent. 

But the "hawks", are also in the look out. 



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