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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Restaurant argument led to Richmond killing, police say

An argument in a restaurant led to a fatal shooting on Saturday, Richmond police say, not the tension between neighborhood gangs that resulted in several killings in the city this month.
Trouble began before 10 p.m., police said, in a restaurant on 23rd Street that advertises live music on weekends.
The parties involved apparently took their dispute outside.
"It does appear that it began inside a restaurant," Lt. Bisa French said. "We are still investigating what exactly happened."
A few minutes before 10, the department's acoustical gunshot detection technology directed patrol officers to 24th Street and Exchange Place, a short distance from the restaurant.
They found a 20-year-old man dead on the street, and a 29-year-old man who was critically wounded. Police said they expect the wounded man to survive.
The Contra Costa Coroner's Office had not conclusively identified the dead man as of Monday.
While police say that one victim was a member of a street gang in San Rafael, police say the conflict preceding the violence and the victims involved do not suggest that Saturday's killing extended a pattern of retaliatory shootings plaguing flatland neighborhoods this month.
Those shootings, between gangs in North Richmond and the Iron Triangle neighborhood, have claimed victims with no direct involvement in the feud who happened to walk or drive in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time.
The city hasinvestigated nine homicides so far in July, and 21 total this year. Unincorporated North Richmond also had one homicide this month.
Richmond police, the Contra Costa Sheriff's Office and the District Attorney formed a task force last week to investigate and stop the feud.




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