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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ben and Catherine Mullany were shot in the head on the last day of their honeymoon at a luxury resort on the Caribbean island of Antigua in 2008.

Ben and Catherine Mullany were shot in the head on the last day of their honeymoon at a luxury resort on the Caribbean island of Antigua in 2008.

Qualified doctor Mrs Mullany, 31, died instantly, while her 31-year-old physiotherapy student husband was flown back to Swansea on a life support machine. He died a week after the shooting.

Final stages of trial

Kaniel Martin, 23, and Avie Howell, 20, deny shooting the Welsh couple. They also deny murdering 43-year-old local shopkeeper Woneta Anderson.

The two-month long trial, which has seen more than 90 witnesses give evidence, is now in its final stages.

If a verdict is reached tomorrow it will be three years to the day after Mr and Mrs Mullany were killed.

Mr Mullany's parents Cynlais and Marilyn have visited the Caribbean island and have heard evidence in court on what would have been their son's third wedding anniversary.

Last week, they were joined by their daughter-in-law's mother and father, David and Rachel Bowen.

DNA evidence

The prosecution has based its case on DNA evidence and ballistics.

Director of Public Prosecutions Antony Armstrong said both defendants had gunshot residue on their clothing.

A bandana with Howell's DNA was found at the scene of shopkeeper Woneta Anderson's murder, while Mr Mullany's stolen Nokia mobile phone was later discovered at Martin's home.

Both defendants declined the option to testify at their trial.

Claims of 'fixed' evidence

However, Howell and Martin's defence team described the evidence against their clients as being "circumstantial".

Yesterday, Martin's barrister Marcus Foster went so far as to claim British detectives had "fixed" evidence in order to solve the murder of former police officer Mr Mullany and his wife.

Mr Foster said: "They came on a mission... when one of their own was taken. Not just a countryman, but an ex-soldier and police officer."



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