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Monday, 23 May 2011

The Portland community is dealing with the reality of gang violence.

A memorial service is scheduled Wednesday at Mallory Avenue Christian Church in honor of 18-year-old Shalamar Edmond, who was shot to death in the city's New Columbia neighborhood last week.
Meanwhile, police are investigating two separate gang-related shootings over the weekend.
Investigators said a 16-year-old boy was shot Saturday night in Raymond Park in Southeast Portland.
Neighbors said they saw two teens riding their bikes when the gunfire rang out.
Police have not tracked down the shooter, while the victim is expected to recover.
“He was in a lot of pain, but looks like apparently he’s going to be OK,” said Tommy Matthews, who found the shooting victim. “He’s going to be limping for a while.”
Investigators said gang violence led to another shooting Saturday that happened two hours later inside the Interstate Bar and Grill in North Portland.
Police said two men were shot and they’re both out of the hospital.
Frustration is growing in the community as people believe more teenagers are getting involved with gangs.
“I think they might not be in the gang, but trying to fit in with that group so they can eventually get into that gang,” said a woman, who wanted to remain anonymous. “I definitely think they need more help.”
This weekend’s violence brings Portland’s gang-related shootings to 34 this year.
There were a total of 93 in the city last year.
A police representative said Portland is on pace to have more than 100 this year.
Police recently increased patrols following the spike in gang violence over the last month.
“Hopefully they’ll be able to resolve the situation and it won’t be a violence responding to violence situation,” said Matthews.



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