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Friday, 3 December 2010

Shooting at funeral home may not have been gang feud

Shooting at funeral home may not have been gang feud: "A shooting that killed two men at a funeral this week may not have been related to gang tension as police initially thought.
Officials said Wednesday that further investigation has not been able to support an initial assessment by Chief Dan Isom that the killings were a product of an ongoing feud between gangs in north St. Louis.
'After learning that the parties may have initially become involved in an argument at the funeral, this appears to be, at this point at least, stemming from a personal dispute,' said Erica Van Ross, a Police Department spokeswoman.
The quarrel and subsequent gunfight broke out around noon Tuesday at the service for David 'Bo' Terell Davis at the Reliable Funeral Home, 3958 Washington Boulevard. Davis, of University City, had been shot to death 11 days earlier in St. Louis.
A police account released Wednesday said participants were all attending the funeral when a quarrel broke out and spilled outside, where the shooting began."



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