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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Anti-Assault Rifle Agit-Prop On the Rise | The Truth About Guns

Anti-Assault Rifle Agit-Prop On the Rise | The Truth About Guns: "AK-47 rifles and other high-powered semi-automatic assault weapons were the guns of choice for street gangs back in the 1990s during the crack cocaine epidemic.
Drive-by shootings and AK-47s were synonymous in some Buffalo neighborhoods as city homicide levels reached an all-time high.
But now, more than six years after a federal ban on assault rifle sales ended, the feared weapon and similar ones appear to be regaining a foothold in local crime.
AK-47′s were the guns of choice for street gangs in the 90′s? Citation? Every study I’ve ever seen on the type of guns used in crime has concluded that handguns are, overwhelmingly, the bad guys’ firearm of choice.
Back in 2000, reported that “Of all firearm-related crime reported to the survey, 86% involved handguns.” More recently, reports that:
Assault weapons are not the weapons of choice among drug dealers, gang members or criminals in general. Assault weapons are used in about one-fifth of one percent (.20%) of all violent crimes and about one percent in gun crimes."



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