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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Opening arguments in trial of accused killer, Jason Cai - San Jose Mercury News

Opening arguments in trial of accused killer, Jason Cai - San Jose Mercury News: "enraged killer who shot attorney Xia Zhao — at such close range that the gun muzzle left an imprint on her chest — was recorded on a neighbor's video camera, running away from Zhao's blood-soaked body.
Just one problem: Though the slim man in the fisherman's hat fleeing down Hamilton Avenue closely resembles accused killer Jason Cai, the image is too blurry to make a positive identification.
But on the first day of Cai's murder trial, prosecutor Brian Welch played the video three times Monday, portraying it as one of many pieces of largely circumstantial evidence whose sum, he said, prove the 51-year-old software engineer shot down Zhao to stop her from suing him for $15 million in his wife's death.
The stranger-than-fiction tale began in 2003 when Cai was charged with drowning his wife, Ying Deng, 30, in a case closely followed by the Chinese-language media. In 2006, a jury acquitted him on the murder charge and deadlocked 8-4 against the lesser-included charge of voluntary manslaughter — after the coroner who examined her body said the drowning could have been accidental. In 2007, the District Attorney's Office dismissed the manslaughter charge. But the mother of his late wife sued him for wrongful death, eventually hiring Zhao as one of the attorneys."



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