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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Saginaw County gun dealer robbed of 15 hand guns and ammunition - 4/09/10 - Flint News and Saginaw News -

Saginaw County gun dealer robbed of 15 hand guns and ammunition - 4/09/10 - Flint News and Saginaw News - "burglary at a Saginaw County gun shop has police working non stop to find the people who took them
Concern is mounting about the 15 stolen guns that are now on the street and in the wrong hands.
The robbery happened in St. Charles Township at Jerry's Gun Shop northeast of Chesaning on Amman Road.
Gerald Earl Richmond, the owner of the shop, reported the thefts Thursday. Richmond says up to 15 hand guns were stolen, along with ammunition. 'I just about a heart attack because I've been here 30 years and never did I ever have anything like this ever happen. And all they took was hand guns and ammo, and they tore my cash register all apart and took about $300-350.'
Whoever took the guns and ammo broke through the window to get in and pried the back door of the shop to get out. The alarm system was also disabled and the alarm box is missing, so that leads police to think it was someone who knew what they were doing.
'They took the burglary alarm and tore it off the wall, and I haven't found it yet. It musta went off because they took it and pulled it right off the wall and pulled the wires right out of it,' Richmond said.
The store did not have a security camera."



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