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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Chloe Goodman, who has been locked up for three years, "celebrated" guns and gangs and got a "buzz" out of associating with gang culture

shocking images show a teenage girl posing with a replica of one of the world's most powerful machine guns as she fulfils her dream of becoming a gangster's moll.Chloe Goodman was 17 when she posed with the replica Mac 10 in what looks like a school locker room as a friend stands back-to-back with her brandishing a similar firearm.In a second photo Goodman poses with a gun in a lavatory and in a third holds a toy gun as she plays an arcade game.A court heard how Goodman thought it would be 'cool' to hang out with hoodlums but the pictures were found on her Facebook page when she was arrested for taking £300 to hide a loaded gun for a thug from a vicious crime gang.Chloe Goodman, who has been locked up for three years, "celebrated" guns and gangs and got a "buzz" out of associating with gang culture.The 18-year-old also boasted she was "looking after some heat" for a local criminal.The criminal, Daniel Brown, had told her not to touch the weapon as it could "blow her head off".He handed the gun over, wrapped in a sock, and with five of its six chambers loaded with .44 magnum bullets.Goodman, from Stephen Street, Urmston, Greater Manchester, and a 17-year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were to be paid £150 each to keep it for Brown, who was associated with the Lostock Man Dem, a gang in south Manchester.Goodman posed with imitation guns.The gun was placed in the 17-year-old's handbag but later that day, Sunday May 9 last year, Goodman's house was raided by police, the pair arrested and the gun seized.Goodman's mobile phone and computer were seized by police and examined.One text message from her read: "Hiya Danny, make sure you shout out whenever you need a favour, hold it, safe, yeh."Police also found the photos on her computer of her posing with imitation guns.Ian Metcalfe, prosecuting, told the court: "The examination of the same home computer exposed a slew of photos of Chloe Goodman in a series of poses which seem to be in celebration of either the gun or gang culture."Both girls later pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon and possessing ammunition without a certificate.Goodman was locked up for three years and the 17-year-old was also imprisoned for two years.Brown, 21, of Barton Road, Stretford, admitted possessing a firearm with ammunition.He also pleaded guilty to the blackmail of a man who owed him £300 and was jailed for five years.



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