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Friday, 5 June 2009

Jamaican hitman has been brought to T&T to assassinate head of the North Eastern Divisional Task Force Sgt Roger Alexander.

Jamaican hitman has been brought to T&T to assassinate head of the North Eastern Divisional Task Force Sgt Roger Alexander. Members of the Special Anti-Crime Unit (Sautt) and officers of the Repeat Offenders Programme (Rope) reportedly unearthed the plot. Yesterday, Alexander confirmed that he had been informed of the plot and a report has been submitted to acting Police Commissioner James Philbert and head of the North Eastern Division Senior Supt Theophilus Cummings.Police sources said they received information last Friday that a prime suspect, implicated in the killing of Sean “Bill” Francis, was responsible for hiring the hitman. Investigating officers believe the hitman had been hiding out somewhere in Laventille Road, San Juan. Police were up to late yesterday searching for him. Investigators said the plot was unearthed after the Morvant Police Station was flooded with calls regarding the Jamaican national. The callers, police said, warned that a “hefty” price had been put on Alexander’s head.“The calls became more and more disturbing...They described how Alexander would be killed and it was definitely not something we could have ignored,” one investigator said. He said lawmen were also told that police officers in Jamaica were “dealt with differently.” Alexander, who worked at the then Organised Crime, Narcotics Unit (OCNU) has been instrumental in the arrest of several murder suspects within the North Eastern Division. Last Friday, Alexander and his team of officers recovered the gun which they believed had been used in the killing of Francis’ 25-year-old nephew Nathaniel. The younger Francis, of Vegas in Morvant, went on a robbery with another man at Cipriani Avenue, Morvant, but was instead confronted by irate villagers and shot and killed with his own gun.
There had been several attempts in the past by unknown people to kill Alexander. In one instance black magic was used to issue a warning. Alexander’s name was written in blood on a piece of paper which was tied to rotting chicken feet and nailed to a utility pole in Morvant. But the threats have had no impact on Alexander. “At the end of the day, the work must go on and I am definitely not afraid. I will continue to do my duty and continue to bring criminals to justice,” Alexander said.



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