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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Former Gypsy Jokers bikie president Lennard Kirby and associate Alexandro Scilio shooting

Five people are being questioned by police over the shooting of former Gypsy Jokers bikie president Lennard Kirby and associate Alexandro Scilio.Assistant Commissioner (Specialist Crime) Wayne Gregson said the five were "helping police with their inquiries'' over the bikie shooting in Jandakot.Two of the five are injured and have been taken to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. It is not known how badly hurt they are, or how they sustained their injuries.A man and a woman went with police to Curtin House, the City detectives headquarters in Stirling Street.A fifth person remained with police at the hotel in Joondalup. Police detained the five people at the Joondalup City Hotel earlier today. Mr Gregson said police had been speaking with the five people since 1.30pm today, but no charges had been laid. Kirby, who has served time in prison for drug offences, was shot three times in the chest and is in a stable condition in Royal Perth Hospital. The other man, Alexandro Scilio, was shot in the arm. The injury is not life-threatening.Scilio is an associate of Kirby and has also been convicted of drug offences.The men were shot at a house in Jandakot at about 4.20pm yesterday and were taken to hospital in the back of a ute by club associates.Mr Gregson said police do not believe the incident was as a result of gang conflict.He would not say if police had recovered a firearm. ``At this stage of our investigation it would appear the parties are known to each other and the matter is a dispute over drugs,'' he said. ``Both victims are convicted criminals relating to illegal drugs. ``There is no suggestion that this incident is a result of bikie gang conflict. ``It is not a bikie war. "It would appear that this incident, although involving a member of a bikie gang, is unlikely to escalate.
"However, it must be remembered that outlaw motorcycle gangs are organised criminal groups that are unpredictable.'' Police were called to the house in Peppworth Place, a semi-rural street in the southern suburb, after reports of gunfire.Tactical Response Group officers completed a search of the property about 9pm.``Investigations of this type are often very difficult because of the level of co-operation, or should I say the lack of co-operation, that you often get from both parties involved,'' Mr Gregson said.



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