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Monday, 13 October 2008

Drive-by shooting at Eighteen Mile,Baryulgil on the weekend that left one man injured.

Police are hunting for four people involved in a drive-by shooting and car chase at Baryulgil on the weekend that left one man injured.
Police were called to the shooting at Eighteen Mile, near Baryulgil on Saturday around 4.30pm, following reports a white Ford Laser had allegedly pulled up outside a house on Eighteen Mile Road and its occupants opened fire on the home. A male and a female, believed to be inside the house at the time, escaped injury. After shots were fired, the white Laser was driven off. Police said a 49-year-old man left the house and jumped into a Holden ute and followed the Laser. Police believe there were four people in the white Laser, three male and one female, all of Aboriginal appearance. During the chase, shots were allegedly fired at the Holden ute.
The 49-year old man received an injury to an arm. When police arrived, they found the Holden ute abandoned on the road with bullet holes in it, and the 49-year-old man at the house on Eighteen Mile Road. Police said the man's injury was superficial and did not require treatment at hospital. Police were unable to confirm if the injury was sustained from shotgun fire or splintered glass from bullets shattering the ute's window. Last night police were searching for the white Ford Laser and the four people believed to be involved in the shooting. The ute, driven by the man from Eighteen Mile, has been impounded at the Grafton Police Station.
It will be checked for evidence, police said. A crime scene has been established at the house on Eighteen Mile Road. Police said investigations will continue today into the drive-by shooting incident.



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