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Monday, 13 October 2008

Antoine Armour was shot inside the club 2301 sending three others to the hospital

Club 2301 is a public nuisance, and soon may be shut down.Today at Club 2301, everything is quiet. showed up, employees inside the club locked the doors.
Around two this morning, three people were shot: Antoine Armour was shot inside the club -- a bullet piercing his head, arm and shoulder. Two others were wounded in the club's parking lot.Despite this, no one bothered to call authorities.
Jerri Weary of the Chattanooga Police Department related the details to Eyewitness News:"In this particular situation we had an officer who was responding to a call and overheard the gunfire and was able to respond as it unfolded. So I don't know if they had an opportunity to call in and report the situation, but even if they didn't call and report it after the fact, it's still a violation."Moments after the shooting, officers arrested three people. Investigators believe two of the arrested are directly connected to the shooting. One of them is a juvenile, and the other has been in trouble with the law before: Michael Owens-- who has five outstanding warrants. Chattanooga Police Department Public Information Officer Jerri Weary told us, "Quite honestly, we're wondering how was a gun brought into the establishment. They have security that works the club and were wondering how that gun was brought in if security was there."Investigators later found the gun across the street at a funeral home.Now that a shooting has happened inside, Club 2301 could be shut down for good. Chattanooga police tell us this club is now under investigation.
Jerri Weary commented on the final result of the actions of last night, saying, "That's a strong possibility. Like I said, they'll have to look into the violations -- if there are any. But quite certainly it will be looked at as a public nuisance.



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