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Friday, 4 July 2008

Darren Stratti shot dead on Monday at Kesho Leo

Mr Stratti, 36, from the Australian non-profit organisation foodwatershelter, was shot dead on Monday at Kesho Leo, a village the charity was building in the east African nation.
Sydney aid worker Darren Stratti was trying to protect five women from robbers trying to get into their mud hut when a bullet fired through the brittle wall struck and killed him in Tanzania, his colleagues and brothers say.His partner, foodwatershelter president Rebecka Delforce, was among the women he was defending, her personal assistant Amanda Pattison said this morning.
"What we understand to be local people came into the camp, got past the security guard and made some noise, I understand they took money from a number of people," Ms Pattison said."It's come through that Darren was protecting Rebecka, his partner, and others. [The killing] was not planned, it was a tragic outcome of the robbery.
"Rebecka's upset but very strong."Mr Stratti's brother, Daniel, 34, said Ms Delforce and Mr Stratti had been lying in their room at night when a light shone through their window and they heard a number of men outside."Rebecka Delforce called out 'Whose that?' A voice said 'It's security.' She looked at my brother and said 'That's not security's voice'," Daniel Stratti said.A Masai warrior usually guarded the room, he said.Darren Stratti then asked the men what they wanted, and they had demanded money. That day, about $6000 for building materials had been placed in a safe in Mr Stratti's room.Realising that they would be harassed again if they gave in to the demands, Mr Stratti had told the men to go away, Daniel Stratti said."He told Rebecka to hop under the bed and shortly after that a couple of shots were fired and one went through wall into my brother's chest," he said
The men busted through the door, struck Ms Delforce on the back of legs with an axe handle, and took the money in the safe, Daniel Stratti said.He said Mr Stratti and Ms Delforce then travelled in a ute along dirt tracks to a hospital at a nearby township. Unfortunately, it was not equipped to treat Mr Stratti, and neither was the next hospital they went to.Mr Stratti underwent surgery at the third hospital, but died a short time later.



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