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Friday, 11 April 2008

We had heard he had multiple weapons in the residence, including a high-powered rifle and sawed-off shotgun," Commander Lt. Dino Sgambellone s

Jesse Bishop, 22, of 3224 Park Avenue West, was arrested late Wednesday night after the METRICH Enforcement Unit raided his house. He was charged with felony possession of drugs.METRICH planned to raid Bishop's residence Tuesday night, but he wasn't home. Ontario police had contacted the regional drug task force after getting reports of drug trafficking and weapons at Bishop's residence.
"I don't want people to think it's a safe haven," Ontario police Chief Rodney Smith said. "We're going to continue to hunt where these places are at and try to take them down."
Bishop's case presented a challenge for local authorities."We had heard he had multiple weapons in the residence, including a high-powered rifle and sawed-off shotgun," METRICH Commander Lt. Dino Sgambellone said.
METRICH detectives, Ontario police and the Allied Special Operations Response Team convened Wednesday at WMFD-TV's parking lot on Park Avenue West, just east of Bishop's home, while awaiting word on Bishop's movements. The suspect was in Mansfield. METRICH detectives Perry Wheeler and Dawn Brown called Sgambellone on his BlackBerry with an update."At least we know where he's at," Sgambellone said. "Keep me posted."A couple of Ontario police officers got out of their vehicles and talked while things were in a holding pattern. Soft rock from WVNO played on the outside speakers.The ASORT members opened the back of their van, battering rams in hand. They later got out to stretch their legs. Gary Foster prepared for the possibility they might not be needed."It's kind of disappointing," he said. "Oh, well. You don't always get to play."Just before 11, Mansfield police officers pulled Bishop over on U.S. 30 for a traffic violation."He had some weed (marijuana) and a bunch of money on him," Sgambellone said. "We're going to bring him back here and talk to him and then determine if we need (ASORT)."
Police recovered a bag of marijuana and $1,826 from Bishop's pocket, as well as 369 grams of marijuana in the trunk of his 1998 Cadillac. Bishop's explanation?
"You got me," he said.
Authorities determined they would take Bishop back to the house before entering. They had heard someone was in the residence, along with a dog.
"Given the circumstances, it was a safer play," Sgambellone said. "He's saying nobody's in there, and the dog is in a cage.
"We're not just going to lolligag up to the residence, but the threat level is not as high as we initially anticipated."
Sgambellone, looking like a baseball umpire making a home run call, waived his right index finger in the air to signal it was time to move.
As ASORT gained entry, little traffic went past on the starlit night, highlighted by a crescent moon. A sign at neighboring Faith Baptist Church read, "Everybody is somebody that Jesus died for."
An outside dog barked at police, while a dog chained on a side porch didn't appear aggressive. Wheeler greeted the dog as he walked out back.



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