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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Thomas Elam ,Detravious Mills, charged with possession of a firearm under the age of 21 and violating South Carolina’s gun laws.

Detravious Mills, 17, of 825 Ferry St., and Thomas Elam, 19, of 413 Clark Lane, both of Anderson were arrested Monday after leading Anderson police officers on a high-speed chase along several city streets and a foot chase at River Oaks Apartments.
According to records at the Anderson City Jail, Mills is charged with possession of a firearm under the age of 21 and violating South Carolina’s gun laws. Elam, the driver of the car, is charged with criminal domestic violence, failure to stop for a blue light, grand larceny and violating the state’s gun laws, according to jail records.Anderson Municipal Court Judge Hugh Welborn listened Tuesday as Mills said he failed to complete Westside High School after being shot and Elam said he has a criminal record for gun violations and “all kinds of stuff.”
According to records at the Anderson County Clerk of Court’s office, Elam is awaiting trial with property bonds totaling $70,827 for three arrests.
On Tuesday, Officer Jeff Mosher testified that Mills has been “a victim or suspect in three gang crimes,” and his brother recently was arrested for a similar crime.
Saying that Detravious Mills was a passenger in the vehicle driven Monday by Elam, Officer Mosher called Mills a “threat to society,” saying he had no concern for public safety by discarding a loaded weapon on the grounds of an apartment complex.
Officer Brandon Surratt testified that he was one of several officers who chased both men on foot through River Oaks Apartments while children were playing.



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