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Friday, 4 April 2008

Deandre Anderson, an eighth grader from Allapattah Middle School was shot and killed

Deandre Anderson, an eighth grader from Allapattah Middle School was shot and killed in a Northwest Miami-Dade neighborhood Thursday was the victim of a vicious episode of road rage, police said.According to police, Deandre and another young man were driving north on Northwest Seventh Avenue near 112th Street when they changed lanes and struck a gray, late-model Ford Thunderbird.Deandre and his companion tried to speed away from the accident, but the driver of the Thunderbird gave chase.It was not immediately clear which young man was behind the wheel of the maroon compact car carrying Deandre. The car broke down a few blocks away, on Northwest 114th Street near 11th Avenue.The teen jumped out of the car and tried to run. He didn't make it far.According to police, someone inside the Thunderbird fired multiple shots and killed Deandre. His body was found in a yard six houses from where his car broke down. Deandre's companion was not hurt.Police were searching Friday for the shooter or shooters. They were also looking for a gray, late-model Thunderbird with tinted windows and damage to the driver's side.''He did a few things and got into some trouble, but really, he's just a boy,'' said Anderson's aunt, Leta Middleton, on Friday. ``If you looked at him, he looks just like a boy. . . . People just gun happy. I guess they don't have a conscience anymore.''Deandre lived with his mother, Mary Simmons, in Liberty City, just a few miles from the shooting scene.Naomi Pierre-Daut, who lives across the street from where Anderson's body was found, said Thursday's shooting was frightening.''I heard seven shots so quick,'' said Pierre-Daut, who has lived on the block for seven years. ``I'm very scared to stay. I will put my house up for sale.''Mary Simmons grieved for her son with family members Friday at her apartment in Liberty City.''I just want to know why -- what was the reason?'' Simmons said. ``He was a child, a child, a child! No matter what they do, you can't do something like this to them.''



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