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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Darryl Donnell Boykin,Deandre Lamar Barnes are each charged with second-degree assault, terroristic threats, being felons in possession of a firearm

Darryl Donnell Boykin, 22, and Deandre Lamar Barnes, 24, are each charged with second-degree assault, terroristic threats, being felons in possession of a firearm and possession of a pistol without a permit.According to the criminal complaint, a patron of the Kozy Bar told police that the two men wanted $20 he owed them for crack cocaine. He said Boykin put him up against the wall and Barnes held a gun in his face and said he was going to kill him. The man broke away, ran inside the bar and told the bartender to call 911.When police arrived, the victim said Barnes tossed the gun to Boykin who hid it behind a dartboard.
According to the complaint, Barnes has been convicted of a felony drug offense in Michigan in 2006. Boykin was convicted of burglary in Arizona in 2004.In a memo to the court, Assistant St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin wrote: “Neither of the defendants has a local address. It appears as though they are in the area for the purposes of collecting debts on prior drug-related matters. There appears to be prior arrests in at least three other states.’’St. Louis County Judicial Officer Gerald Maher set bail at $50,000 for each defendant. Their next court appearance is scheduled for May 5. Both were being held this evening in the St. Louis County Jail.


jojodresgurl said...

um i kno dre and i kno the so called victim and the victim told me they didnt have no gun n he was scared that they would come back an get him so he lied and dre is going to prison for lie it just dont seem rite at all


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