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Monday, 3 March 2008

WANTED James J. Walker

Police are looking for a Somerville man in connection with a bank robbery last week in East Somerville.On Thursday, Feb. 28, shortly before noon, the Sovereign Bank at 125 Broadway in East Somerville was robbed. The lone suspect entered the bank and presented a note demanding cash and stating that he had a gun. Police said no gun was shown. The suspect then fled the bank on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. Somerville Police detectives, working with the FBI Bank Robbery Task force, say that suspect is James J. Walker, 27. With the cooperation of citizens, police said they developed information pointing towards Walker as the bank robber.
A warrant has been issued for his arrest. He is described as a white male, five feet nine inches tall, about 190 pounds and has thinning hair. Walker allegedly robbed the Sovereign Bank last Thursday and then took a cab to the Haymarket Square section of Boston where he was dropped off. He is believed to still be in the Greater Boston area and may be accompanied by a female friend. He could be staying in a hotel or may be with friends who are unaware that he is wanted by police.



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