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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Joseph T. Mancha,Juan Carlos Gamboa-Pacheco,Jessica LeAnn Cleveland on numerous drug and weapons charges

A 44-year-old Fernley man with possible ties to the Nortenos Hispanic gang in northern California, was arrested by Lyon County Sheriff's Office Narcotic Division on Friday morning on numerous drug and weapons charges.According to LCSO Lieutenant Bob Sherlock, after his office received information from an informant that a large quantity of methamphetamine was being sold, the narcotics division conducted a two-week investigation before a search warrant was served at 1404 Mt. Rose Drive, where Joseph T. Mancha, 44, was taken into custody.Also arrested were Juan Carlos Gamboa-Pacheco, 22, and Jessica LeAnn Cleveland, 26, who were also in the home at the time of the bust.Sherlock said that due to Mancha's past history, which includes being an ex-felon and an extensive history of narcotics arrests, the LCSO SWAT Team served the warrant.Deputies recovered a trafficking amount of methamphetamine, marijuana, 12 handguns, three assault rifles, two shotguns, 20 knives, large quantities of ammunition. and drug paraphernalia.Also recovered was approximately $8,000 in cash."It wasn't a lot of dope, but (we believe) these (money) are proceeds of what he had before," charged Sherlock of the cash that was found.Mancha was booked into the Lyon County Jail on charges of trafficking methamphetamine; being an ex-felon in possession of firearms; sale of methamphetamine; unlawful use of a controlled substance; and maintaining a resident for the purpose of sale and use of a controlled substance.His bail was set at $161,800.The two other occupants of the home, Pacheco and Cleveland, both had outstanding felony warrants.Pacheco was arrested on charges of possession of methamphetamine; possession of marijuana; and two outstanding felony warrants and is being held without bail.
Cleveland was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana; parole violation and possession of narcotics paraphernalia.She is also being held without bail.
Sherlock indicated the weapons were found throughout the house, and that Mancha also had guns on his night stand, which were loaded and ready, when law enforcement officers arrested him in his bedroom.
Sherlock said weapons were even found in a duffle bag in crawl space of the house, and he indicated that often, weapons are traded for drugs, as "gang bangers" who can't buy guns because they have to get them registered "go out and steal them."
None of the guns obtained in the drug bust was reported as stolen, but Sherlock still believes the guns may have been obtained illegally, as many are antiques from World Ware I and II, as well as the 1920s, and even an early black powder hand gun from the early 1800s.
Sherlock charged that Mancha is a "substantial dealer in Fernley," and that Friday's 7:24 a.m. bust, slowed the drug flow in Fernley for a short time.
"It'll slow it down a little bit. There are so many dealers, he's one of them, and we were able to snag him," said the LCSO lieutenant.
Mancha, according to Sherlock, has been in prison four different times and served nearly 11 years in prisons in California.



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