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Thursday, 6 March 2008

First Coast High School arrests

Two students at First Coast High School were arrested Wednesday morning, accused of bringing a loaded gun on campus.The gun's discovery aroused strong emotions among some parents."My child's not getting no education as of today because they want to go on the TV and they want to lie and say they've got this school under control. This school is nowhere near under control," said parent Alena Spicer.
Another parent, Eureka Washington, told Channel 4 her son went to the resource officer when he saw a gun passed from one student to another during a fight on Tuesday.Duval County School Board spokeswoman Jill Johnson said the school resource officer, acting on a tip, removed 18-year-old Adrian Anderson from in-school suspension without any resistance. The loaded gun was found in Anderson's backpack.
According to authorities, Anderson told police a 15-year-old gave the gun to him because other students were "trying him."Anderson and the 15-year-old, whose name was not released, were both arrested."This is proof that students are doing what they should be doing," Johnson said. "We're telling our students, if they see something on campus, to please let the faculty know. A student did."Washington said that although trouble was averted, that did not happened until she came to the school's principal for answers."I asked him, 'What are y'all doing about the gun?' He was like, 'Shhh. We're trying to keep on -- we don’t want too many people to know about it.' I said, 'What? No. Y'all need to drop what you're doing and actually find out where this gun is at and where this boy is at,'" Washington said.
The school board said First Coast High School Principal Tony Bellamy is doing everything he can to make a safe environment for his students.
"Things that are happening out there and the things that principals is putting in place to ensure the safety of the students at First Coast High School," Johnson said.
However, many parents said they are fed up with the mounting problems.
"A lot of stuff they are doing is just brushing stuff under the rug. They are not dealing with the problem," Washington said.
"They want to sit here and say it's just rumors. It's not rumors … it's on TV everyday," Spicer said.Both parents told Channel 4 that Wednesday was the last day their children would be at First Coast High School.



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