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Friday, 22 February 2008

Los Angeles police fatally shot an armed suspect and wounded another

Los Angeles police fatally shot an armed suspect and wounded another Thursday in the wake of a fatal gang-related drive-by shooting, authorities said.
The drive-by killed a man holding a 2-year-old girl, who emerged from the incident unscathed. The victims and suspects were not immediately identified.
The officer-involved shooting occurred shortly after noon at Estara Avenue and Drew Street, but no officers were injured, said Los Angeles police Officer Kate Lopez.
"What we do know is that three suspects exited that car - all three with firearms," Deputy Chief Sergio Diaz said. "At least two of them fired at the officers, possibly three fired at the officers. "The officers fired back, striking two of the suspects. One expired at the scene. One was wounded and has been transported to a local hospital. Another, we're told, fled on foot, and we believe the driver fled in his vehicle." According to police, gang violence has erupted in the area in the past month, prompting additional resources to be assigned to the area. LAPD Assistant Chief Jim McDonald told reporters the officer-involved shooting occurred blocks away and minutes after a fatal drive-by shooting in which a man was shot 15 times.
"At that location, there was a man walking down the street carrying a 2-year-old child. The suspects in this vehicle drove by, ... shot the victim in this case a number of times. The victim went down at the scene, dropped the baby."
Police said the 37-year-old victim died later at a hospital. According to Chief William Bratton, officers anticipated that the suspects in the drive-by would return to their own neighborhood, so police tried to head them off. A third suspect ran from the scene, but was arrested shortly after 5 p.m., according to KABC (Channel 7). A fourth suspect, the vehicle's driver, left the scene and is still being sought.



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