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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Lawrence Brinley Wilson ,Scarpino Killing Hells Angels, the Independent Soldiers and the United Nations gang connection

47-year old Lawrence Brinley Wilson of Vancouver, was charged Monday with three weapons offences and possession of cocaine after police arrested him at Gotham's.
Vancouver investigators continue to pore over surveillance tapes of the shooting scene in the 600 block of Seymour, trying to find clear images of the two shooters, who fled on foot after killing Scarpino and a friend sitting behind him in his car. Police have not released the name of the second victim, but said he was not known to them.
Scarpino had been renting a house in West Vancouver. He owned no property, according to land title records.
Property records show Scarpino had a four-year-lease on the Mercedes, which expires in June.
"When I play poker, I sometimes have a good windfall and I usually buy expensive jewelry, expensive clothing, expensive cars with the winnings," he said. "I used to wear my jewelry all the time, but recently I realized that people were paying special attention to my jewelry when I was in a bar or a nightclub. In one instance, a couple of black guys followed me to my car after I left the bar and asked me if they could look at my watch. It made me nervous and I pepper-sprayed them."
Scarpino also claims in the civil suit not to have any "financial difficulties" but a few months before he sued the insurance company, the Royal Bank won a default judgment against him for a debt of more than $50,000 owed on a line of credit.
He had been out of jail for just a week when he was killed, having completed a sentence for carrying a nine-millimetre handgun in Vancouver in August 2005.
Scarpino was ordered not to possess firearms for life after a December 2000 conviction for an Abbotsford robbery and unlawful confinement, for which he got a three-year sentence.
But the biggest criminal case against him -- a 1996-97 cross-border cocaine trafficking conspiracy -- ended up collapsing after he and other accused were convicted in 1999. They won a new trial on appeal in 2001, but the Crown stayed the charges without explanation.
High school friends of Scarpino told The Vancouver Sun he had been a popular, outgoing teen and volleyball and basketball star at Belmont secondary when he quit school in Grade 11 to move to Vancouver and do some modelling. Instead, he got hooked up with the wrong crowd and began his immersion in the world of organized crime.
"He has certainly been involved in organized crime and gang activity," said Supt. John Robin, of the B.C. Integrated Gang Task Force. "He has been on our radar for a number of years."
Despite Scarpino's statements to the contrary, he had many enemies, including some members of the Hells Angels, the Independent Soldiers and the United Nations gang.
"He has been associated to a number of groups that we are aware of," Robin said. "He has been a bit of a freelancer."



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