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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Hugh Boyd brother of gangland enforcer Stewart ‘Specky’ Boyd.

Arrested three men in connection with the assassination attempt on the brother of gangland enforcer Stewart ‘Specky’ Boyd.
Yesterday it was revealed that squads of officers, wearing bullet proof vests, targeted a number of houses almost five months after an armed gang tried to gun down 48-year-old Hugh Boyd in a drive-by shooting near Barrhead’s busy town centre.
The raids, all simultaneous and carried out with military precision, happened during daylight and miles apart in different housing schemes.
One source said two of the men were held at one of the house swoops. A third was detained in the wake of another raid.
The source added: “The men cops were after didn’t stand a chance – I don’t think they knew what had hit them. A squad of cops were at the door of homes one moment and inside the next.“The three men I know of, are facing a number of murder bid charges including one against Hugh Boyd. There was also a fourth man arrested but he’s supposed to be linked with other attempt murders and not the Hugh Boyd hit.”
He added: “No one was injured in the swoops and those arrested offered no resistance.”
Later a police spokesman said: “Three men, aged 30, 26 and 19 have been arrested on a number of alleged shooting incidents. One of the shooting allegations centres on an incident in Barrhead in August last year. The others are in Glasgow.
“A fourth man, aged 24, was also arrested but the charge against him does not involve the Barrhead matter. All the men are held in custody and are expected to appear in court soon.”
Horrified Boyd was hit as five shots rang out while he sat behind the wheel of a red Vauxhall Vectra at the junction of Southpark Avenue and Glen Street, close to Barrhead Library, at around 9.30am on August 29 last year.
At the time, sources said he survived because he ducked and the bullets shot by him. He was later taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries.
Armed response officers, carrying automatics weapons, were among the first at the scene. Shocked residents said children would have been in the street if the hit had happened 45 minutes earlier. Police cordoned off the usually quiet area as forensic searched for clues.
Officers were also comparing notes on a series of other shootings in Pollok and Nitshill. And police in Paisley were checking out possible links with the Stock Street drive-by shooting last August when teenager Andrew Devlin was blasted to death. A pal with him, 26-year Gerald O’Doherty is still seriously ill in hospital.
Hugh Boyd’s brother Stewart ‘Specky’ Boyd, 40, died in Malaga in June 2003 when his powerful Audi TT turned into a fireball after a horror smash. He is buried at Neilston Cemeteryand his grave has come under attack several times.



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