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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Dany Velez

Dany Velez, 41, whose last known address was 282 Main St., Auburn, was arrested on a warrant for robbery and additionally was charged with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person (a felon), Waterville Deputy Chief Charles Rumsey said Friday.
Velez' brother, Juan Serrano Velez, 22, of Winslow, was arrested Jan. 4 by Waterville police for his role in the armed robbery, which occurred in February 2005.
During that robbery, a male was assaulted and more than $2,000 cash, prescription pills and a small amount of marijuana allegedly were taken at gun point.
Juan Velez was taken to Kennebec County Jail in Augusta where bail at the time was $25,000 cash. A jail spokesman said Friday he was released on bail Jan. 7.
Rumsey said police only learned last year of the armed robbery, as the victims did not tell police about it. While investigating another robbery that occurred in Waterville around the same time as the 2005 robbery on College Avenue, Detective Alan Perkins learned of the robbery, Rumsey said. Perkins obtained an arrest warrant for Dany Velez, he said.
"Definitely, any time there's a crime of violence involving a firearm and the victim is obviously put in fear for his life, we consider that to be a very serious crime," Rumsey said Friday. "And we're very glad they've (Velez brothers) have both been arrested so that the case can go forward in the court system."
The Central Maine Violent Crimes Task Force, created in 1995 and based in Lewiston, is made up of federal, state and local law enforcement officials. The force seeks to reduce gun violence and illegal gun possession and hold those who violate gun laws accountable for their actions, according to the task force Web site.
Dany Velez, who had a previous felony conviction, is alleged to have held a gun to the head of a victim during the College Avenue robbery, according to Rumsey.
The firearm Dany Velez was alleged to have used in the robbery was recovered in July 2005 by Auburn police as they were investigating a report of a suicidal female at a hotel in Auburn, Rumsey said. That female, reportedly Dany Velez' girlfriend, had a handgun and told police it belonged to Dany Velez, Rumsey said.
Questioned afterward, Dany Velez admitted he owned the gun, according to Rumsey.



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